Have a taste of Thailand's gastronomy

Image Have a taste of Thailand's gastronomy

Thailand is a country in the south-eastern part of Asia. Its capital city is Bangkok. Thailand is famous for its architecture and ornate temples. Major landmarks feature the figures of Buddha. Opulent royal palaces and old ruins also attract many tourists to this country.

Apart from that, Thai food is a real delicacy and even in other countries, you can see Thai restaurants packed with Thai food lovers every night. Thai dishes are among the 50 best foods in the world. Discover the taste of Thailand's gastronomy with the online travel agency Opodo.

Characteristics of Thai gastronomy

Thai gastronomy is in general aromatic and spicy. In addition, Thai dishes are so subtle, and they are presented in such a way as to appeal to the senses. In fact, Thai dishes are characterized by:

  •  A fine taste
  •  Rich color
  •  Appealing texture
  •  Nutritional value

In fact, every detail has carefully been taken into account, from the food appearance on your plate to its medicinal benefits.

Typically Thai food

Thai cuisine is popular for many reasons. In fact, here are some of the most delicious Thai food among the others:

  •  Tom yam goong
  •  Thai fried rice
  •  Som tum pu pla ra
  •  Massaman curry
  •  Pad Thai
  •  Som tam
  •  Green curry

Thai food preparation

Learn how to prepare some Thai dishes with Opodo:

  •  Aep pla noi: It is a grilled dish. The main ingredients are freshwater Shrimp and curry. Season the shrimp with salt and curry powder. Fry the shrimp. Then, wrap the shrimp inside banana leaves. Grill over low fire and serve hot with a side dish of rice.
  •  Kai ho bai toei: The main ingredient in chicken. Carve the chicken into thin slices. Marinate the chicken in oyster and soya sauce. Season with salt and pepper. Add a little curry powder too. Wrap the chicken in pandan leaves. Deep fry the chicken after, and serve with a vegetable dish and green salad.
  •  Dara thong: This looks like golden dough balls. The main ingredients consist of wheat flour, coconut milk and egg yolk. Mix the flour with the coconut milk. Sweeten the dough with sugar or honey. Put the dough in small round soccer-ball shaped moulds. Then, let it cool. Separate the egg white from the egg yolk. Beat the egg yolk well. Coat the baked dough with egg yolk. Bake the mixture in medium heat for 30 minutes. When baked, the egg yolk gives a golden appearance to the dough balls. Top the golden balls with a little piece of gold leaf. Finally, put some watermelon seeds on top of the balls.
  •  Sangkhaya fak thong: It is a popular treat from Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines. The main ingredients are pumpkins, coconut, eggs, and custard powder. First, beat the eggs. Add custard powder and grated coconut into the mixture. Stuff the mixture into the pumpkin. Steam the pumpkin for about 45 minutes.

Come to Thailand

Thailand has a lot to offer as far as gastronomy is concerned. The best way to discover the fine taste of the Thai cuisine is to travel to Thailand. Book your flight and accommodation online through the travel agency Opodo.