Discover the wonders of Malaysia and Thailand

Photo Discover the wonders of Malaysia and Thailand

Where to go for the next holidays, Malaysia or Thailand? Between the sumptuous landscapes, the beautiful beaches and the lush nature of Malaysia and the cultural and tourist wealth of Thailand, your heart swings. How to decide between these magnificent destinations? Why not discover the strengths of each country to help you choose your next holiday destination! You can also choose from the best deals on!

Malaysia or Thailand: riches to discover

  • Malaysia: a wonderful cultural melting pot. Thanks to the unique blend of Malays, Chinese, Indians and Thais, Malaysia is one of the countries with an impressive cultural richness. Indeed Islam, Hinduism and Buddhism rub shoulders, allowing Malaysia to have beautiful mosques, impressive temples and places of worship, to name only the Temple of Batu Caves and the Iron Mosque.
  • Thailand: A multifaceted kingdom Thailand, the only country in Southeast Asia that has never been colonized, tells its history through thousands of thousand-year-old Buddhist buildings and ancient temples. At the same time traditional and modern, it allows the passionate of cultural discoveries to immerse themselves in a world apart.
  • Malaysia: some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Visiting Malaysia can be summed up in the discovery of its numerous islands, which are dream destinations for those in search of beautiful beaches. You will then have beautiful expanses of fine sand to bask in the sun, tan and enjoy the sea temperature.
  • Thailand, Andaman pearls and pearls from the China Sea The islands of South Thailand, such as Phuket on the side of the Andaman Sea or Kho Samui, Kho Phi Phi, Kho Pha Ngan, on the Gulf of Thailand sides are privileged sites that allow lovers to relax at the beach and swim at sea to indulge in their passion.

Malaysia or Thailand: Leisure and diversified activities

  • Malaysia: family destination par excellence Do you know that Malaysia is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Southeast Asia? This is because activities and hobbies there are diversified. You can go hiking in the most mythical tea plantations or go on an urban getaway in Kuala Lumpur to visit the Petronas Tower, among others.
  • Thailand: land of all passions. Although Thailand is known as a sulfurous destination for singles, visiting Thailand can also be done with family. Indeed, the children will be amazed at the various shows and parades of elephants richly "dressed". It is also possible to vary the activities for a blend of nature walks, dives and beach activities as well as gastronomy, which is rich and all worth trying.
  • Malaysia: a surprising nightlife The nightlife in Malaysia is thrilling. The main Malaysian cities are dressed in lights; restaurants and party venues welcome night owls. It's time to discover the unmissable mamaks, with the prospect of a great evening. Those who like to wiggle should not miss the clubs animated by international DJs.

Why not combine the two destinations

Both destinations therefore have each wonders for you to discover. For a trip in solo, shared with friends, in couple or with family, the two places are perfect to go to. Moreover, to book your next flight to your choice destinations, Opodo is there. Traveling serenely by booking on the site is also possible. Indeed, Opodo is also a hotel reservation and car rental website.